Southern Discomfort

Proposition 8 still getting you down?

I just returned from New Orleans where I attended a speaker training meeting. While I was supposed to be paying attention, I read the local newspaper. On April 27th, Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia will celebrate Confederate Memorial Day. That’s the day the South marks the end of confederacy as General blah blah surrendered. 

State offices will be closed to commemorate this time in our Nation’s history when the South segregated blacks and treated them worse than animals. I’m sure the Sons of the Confederacy need time to reflect on the good old days when you could own slaves and then lynch them if they tried to escape.

It’s baffling to me that this holiday still exists when we have an African American President. But then again I can believe anything particularly as gays fight for the right to marry.

What worries me is that my sister and her husband live in Alabama along with my niece and three nephews. I am visiting them this July Fourth and have visisted many time before. Southerns pride themselves on their friendliness, food and hospitality. And yes, there is something magical about spending summers on the lake with the kids, eating barbecue and wake boarding to the music of “Sweet Home Alabama.” It’s like some alternative world where people end each sentence with, “Bless your heart,” instead of just saying, “Go to hell” like everybody else.

Miley Cyrus Sweet 16 Announcement

Or my very own Disney movie where I get to spend time with Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers, having a blast as their dad pulls us along the water on one of those giant rafts. Then at night, I’ll sit on the dock with the Republicans, our necks roasting as the sun sets, drinking beer from a bottle with my hand down the front of my pants thinking, “Yeah, this is the life.”


However that newspaper articles cautions me that those still lake waters run deep and behind every God fearing neighbor’s seemingly warm Southern eyes and bright, Pepsodent smiles, lies the hatred of a people who want to celebrate a segregated past and maintain gays as second class citizens.

Let’s see how they manage while I’m around.

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