Alyson Book Party


Last night, Alyson Books, threw a wonderful soiree in honor of their new publisher Don Weiss, who by the way is a very tall, silver haired man. It was held at The Gates, a new lounge in Chelsea, which incidentally used to be the home of a gay bar called Rome. I recall it had a dungeon in the basement. Don’t ask me anything more. It closed years ago and reopened as a high end restaurant called the Biltmore Room. It’s a beautiful space. The walls are covered in brown, white and black marble. There are booths in every corner and the back wall is adorned with large mirrors. 

The room was packed with members of Regent Media including my favorite SVP, Josh Rosenzweig and the party organizer Chris Van Cleef. Other guests included authors of Alyson’s upcoming fall 2009 collection, agents, editors and some pseudo gay celebrities. Watching everyone interact I thought the party had the potential of turning into an extreme fighting cage match. I mean come on. Think about it. All those disgruntled authors in a room with their agents, who don’t return their calls, along with the editors who rejected their proposals. “Let the fighting begin!” Luckily, Dale Cunningham,the former publisher of Alyson Books, was no where to be found. I, like many other authors who had to deal with the wrath of that white haired witch would have taken an Absolute bottle to her head if she dared to show up. 

DSCN0517My agent, Robert and me.

DSCN0521Ken O’Neill with Chad and yours truly

My agent, Robert Guinsler was there, smiling like a proud papa, snuggling in a booth with several of his authors. He was exhausted and a little drunk having worked all weekend long, coming from the book expo earlier that day and then straight to the Alyson Book party.

Ken O’Neill, author of the upcoming, The Marrying Kind, was so happy to tell me all about his upcoming novel in which a gay wedding planner tries to rally his fellow gay colleagues to ban planning weddings for heterosexuals until gay marriage becomes legal. Ken start the script now. I can already envision the movie starring Jennifer Aniston.

DSCN0518Back off Ken

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