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Chastity Bono is rumored to have begun the process of gender reassignment.


Gender identity refers to a person’s sense of maleness or femaleness. Sexual identity refers to your biological sexual characteristics. This would include your chromosomal make up, external genitalia, internal organs and sexual characteristics.

Men and women who have a persistent discomfort with their assigned sex and wish to get rid of their physical sex characteristics and acquire the sexual characteristics of the opposite sex are referred to as transsexuals. These individuals wish to live as a member of the opposite sex. Transexualism is more common in men (1 in 30,000) than in women (1 in 100,000).

Women who begin the process of gender reassignment may choose to bind their breasts or have a double mastectomy. Some have an elective hysterectomy (remove the uterus), oophorectomy (remove the ovaries) and take testosterone (male sex hormone) to increase muscle mass and deepen their voice.


double mastectomy

double mastectomy

Female-to-male sexual reassignment surgery has achieved lesser success than male-to-female, due to the difficulty of building a functioning penis from the much smaller clitoral tissue available in the female genitals. Penis construction entails several surgeries during which a tube-shaped structure is constructed by peeling and rolling skin from the abdomen or upper thigh and ultimately attaching it over the clitoris to preserve as much sexual stimulation as possible. This procedure often creates unsatisfactory ability to urinate and, while the penis can be used for intercourse, it is less than perfect.


Heidi Krieger was the 1986 European Champion in shotput. In 1997 she underwent  sexual reassignment surgery and changed his name to Andreas Krieger.

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