July? Ju-lousy

I’m depressed, but only for twenty-four hours. That’s how long I am going to allow myself to wallow in self-pity.

July 2009, hasn’t been a good month. It started off well enough when Chad and I visited my sister and her family in Alabama. But then I went wake boarding and injured my left arm. No big deal. Right? That’s what I thought. Then my Dad went into the hospital for bridgement of a toe infection. Three weeks later he died from complications of congestive heart failure. The funeral was on the exact day I was scheduled to begin filming a movie where I was to play, of all things, an ER doctor.


“Maybe that was cosmic luck,” said my friend Larry Flick. “You might of ended up as Coco at the end of the movie Fame.” He’s referring to scene where she meets a movie producer in his hotel room who eventually persuades her to take off her clothes.

Then my tenant moved out. He said the bank he works for cut his salary by twenty-five percent. I guess I should feel lucky working in medicine which is recession proof. “People still get sick no matter how bad the economy gets,” said my friend Basit, a colleague from residency. At least I have my new puppy, baby Hoffman. He’s so sweet, and he never barks. Good boy. And of course there is always my supportive and ever-loving, non-legal husband, Chad. So what it if it has been raining like every day since the beginning of the summer. If it didn’t rain then we would all be complaining of the drought.

I do try to look on the bright side of life. Yes, I am a fan of Monty Python.


But then Sunday I returned to the gym after an extended hiatus. As I attempted curls with less than twenty pound weights, I noticed something was amiss with my left arm. (The same arm I injured over the Fourth of July weekend.) My bicep was curled up at its insertion near my shoulder. It was balled up and looked like Popeye’s arm. But not in a good way. I knew immediately what that meant- a ruptured biceps’s tendon. Dr.Delaney, my orthopedist confirmed my diagnosis last night. Yes, I have an orthopedist. Once I turned forty and tore my right medial meniscus, I have been in close contact with Dr. Delaney. It’s so nice to get old.


Perhaps now I’ll start taking Chondroitin Sulfate and Glucosamine. Maybe even some fish cartilage. Anything to prevent more tendon or ligamentous tears. I keep thinking of that scene in the movie The Hitcher, (the original from 1986) where Rutger Hauer ties Jennifer Jason Leigh’s arms and legs to the back of two different trucks and then drives away in one of the trucks. I would be ripped apart faster than a bag of potato chips at my friend’s Eric house.

Oh July, the 31st can’t come fast enough for me. Damn it. Is that Hoffman barking?


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  1. Larry Flick
    Posted July 28, 2009 at 9:27 pm | Permalink

    June 2009 was my equivalent to your July. Things are getting a bit better for me, and I have faith that the same will be true for you. Your resilience and inner strength have truly been an inspiration to me. I mean that more than you can ever know.

    Now then, if you really want to bring this blog to life, you’d snap a pic of yourself sobbing a la Coco in that final scene from “Fame.” How vivid it would be… even though I’m pretty sure you have bigger tits than she does.


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