True Blood Tears


If you only thought vampires cried blood then think again. Calvino Inman, a 15 year-old from Tennessee, two states away from that fictitious town in Louisiana, where the HBO series True Blood exists, cried streams of blood laden tears. Seen and treated in the local ER, Inman was discharged to home without so much as a clue as to why this happened. When the blood tears returned several days later, he returned to the hospital.


Haemolacria or “crying blood”, is common in people who have experienced extreme trauma or a head injury. Not the case with Inman.

Dr. James C. Flemming, an ophthalmologist at the Hamilton Eye Institute, has been reviewing Inman’s medical records for possible treatment.

Flemming says complications to look for include blood clots, a growth or tumor near the eye, or even a simple infection. A research study published in 2004, looked at children with spontaneous episodes of blood tears from February 1992 and January 2003. Only four cases were recorded. It is quite possible that after all the battery of tests have been ordered and reviewed, the cause of Inman’s bleed may still not be found.

For all you True Blood fans, like myself, you might recall when newly made vampire, Jessica, became so upset that tears of blood streamed forth from her eyes. But her case is an unfortunate occupational hazard that comes with being a vampire. If no other cause is found in Inman, may I suggest they check his teeth for fangs.


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