Rihanna Redux

Poverty + Addiction = Abuse

That’s what Lee, a social worker who specializes in domestic violence, said to me in response to the Chris Brown/ Rihanna story.

rihanna and Chris

“It’s a mockery. I bet she’s not even in therapy and will likely go back to him. I know she was influenced to do the “right” thing.”

And by that he means, keeping her mouth shut and allowing Chris Brown’s reputation and career to recover after his arrest.

I felt my own outrage surge up again after his appearance on Larry King. Seated next to his mother and lawyer wearing a baby blue sweater made me even angrier. Were we suppose to think that Mr. Brown is a “good” boy who loves his mother and wouldn’t hurt a fly? Then when he denied remembering the incident, I nearly combusted from fury.

“That was biggest insult of all,” ranted Lee. “His career will likely flourish. What really angers me is that young women defend him, stating that Rihanna should have kept her mouth shut and likely deserved that beating. I bet they were high. Supposedly, Rihanna got a text from someone who said she got syphilis from Chris and that’s when the shit hit the fan.”

As the rumors swirl, the unfortunate reality is that this was a missed opportunity for the entire country and for Rihanna to learn something. This could have been the example that would have been the benchmark for other abused girls to learn from. We must remember that Rihanna is only 21 years old. Abuse among young women, particularly teenagers, at the hands of their boyfriends is not discussed and underestimated.

“Rihanna will prevail,” added Lee. “Unlike most women I deal with, she has money and shelter. Those are resources most of my clients don’t have, and the biggest reason why they stay with their abusers.”

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