The Advocate Party


Last night The Advocate celebrated its October issue by throwing a party at Bogardus Mansion. Cover boy, Andy Cohen was there along with some Real Housewives including, Dina Manzo from New Jersey and my own fav, Bethenny Frankel, escorted by her new beau, Jason Hoppy, who I was surprised to discover is colleague of mine. As they made their way out of the party, I moved toward them like a torpedo, pushing random gays out of my way. “Hi,” I screamed frantically, trying to get their attention. Luckily, Jason stopped and offered an expression of recognition. Thank god since Chad doubted I knew him.

“He probably resembles someone you know,” Chad whispered. Not true.


Without even thinking I hugged Jason even though his hand was outstretched. “You blew me off,” he said. I had. We were to have dinner next week, and I cancelled earlier that day. Had I know he was engaged or soon to be with one of the most famous non-housewives in America, not only would I have swam the Hudson River to attend, I would have done his laundry for a month. Once I was sure that he recognized me, I introduced him to Chad. That’s when I went in for the kill and turned my attention to Bethenny.

“Hi,” I said. “I’m your biggest fan (Pathetic. I know, but that’s what reality celebs want to hear). “My friends and I love you. Why I was just texting my friend Eric that I was at this party and I wrote: Dina from New Jersey is here and so is Andy Cohen. Then when you arrived, I texted: Bethenny just walked in. He wrote back: Now I’m jel.”

“You’re so sweet,” she said as she continued to text using her Blackberry.

In real life she is much prettier and taller than I expected. Dina, too looked very glamorous. After our little encounter with Bethenny and Jason, I turned to Chad with a look to suggest that he never doubt me ever again in the future. Then we left. What more was there for us to do? We met some housewives, said hello to Josh from here TV, and of course Jon Barrett, the Editor in Chief of the Advocate along with my former editorial editor, Matthew Breen, who is really very tall.

Walking home I called Eric to brag. “Can you believe I met Bethenny Frankel?” I asked.

Without missing a beat, Eric sang back, “Don’t be tardy for the party, oh, oh.” Then hung up.

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