I am no man’s Precious

This is a true story.

I went to the grocery store last night to buy food to make dinner. At the check out counter, a young, African-American girl smiles as she processes my groceries and says, “Hi.” So I return the greeting and smile back. Meanwhile an Asian woman begins to place her food down on the conveyor belt and runs off. When she comes back she shouts at the cashier, “This is mine. Don’t mix up food.”

Of course I felt protective of my new friend. I mean it is so rare that a cashier in New York smiles and says, hello, let alone gives you any eye contact at all. So I yell back at the Asian woman. “Don’t worry,” I say. “I don’t want your Sarah Lee cake.” The Asian woman prunes her face and the cashier smiles back at me – a silent but understood thank you.

After she’s done ringing up my food, I proceed to pay, swiping my credit card, but still sneering at the Asian woman. As I wait for the receipt the cashier says, “Okay precious.”

I do a double take and say, “Excuse me?”

She smiles and repeats, “Okay precious.”

I think to myself, is she flirting with me or do I remind her of an ugly, fat black girl?

Then I look over at the Asian woman to see if she heard her correctly, but of course my neurosis has kicked in by now and I think that she is smirking along with the cashier and together they are both laughing at me. So I say, in a very direct way, “What are you saying to me?”

The cashier bugs out her eyes, shifts her head from side to side and says, “OKAY! PRESS YES!”

My bad.



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    This one was fun to read, your blog is fun to read.

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