Double Standards

Happy New Year one and all. I hope this decade is better than the last.

I arrived home from London this past Sunday where I spent New Years with my family. All the details will be recounted in an upcoming blog.

Yesterday, as I snuggled up to my puppy Hoffman, watching television with Chad, I had a WTF moment.

Have you ever had one of those?

Well, it all started when I stupidly relinquished the remote control to Chad and stared, half asleep, as he channel surfed (and badly I might add). You know there is an art to it? Chad’s idea of looking for something to watch consists of him hitting the page down and then reading all the episode summaries instead of hitting your favorite channels first and then going to the movie channels and then… well you get the idea.

CBS advertised an upcoming episode of “Two and Half Men” starring Charlie Sheen. Sheen you may know was arrested on December 25, 2009 for domestic violence, including second-degree assault against his wife, Brooke Mueller, who is mother to their twins. Sheen has a dark history stemming as far back as 1990 when he “accidentally” shot his then girlfriend, Kelly Preston, who left him shortly after and later married John Travolta. On May 20, 1998, Sheen tried injecting cocaine and overdosed. He was hospitalized, but discharged soon afterward. His father, actor Martin Sheen, reported him for violation of parole. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and Charlie was sent to rehab. On June 15, 2002, he married actress, Denise Richards. In March 2005, while still pregnant, Richards filed for divorce, accusing Sheen of abusing drugs and alcohol and threatening Richards with violence. They divorced in November 2006. On May 30, 2008, Sheen married Brooke Mueller, who also has a history of cocaine use and DUI. It remains to be seen if the couple will stay together.

Now call me confused but have you noticed that none of the sponsors have pulled their endorsements from the show, “Two and Half Men”? At least not to my  knowledge or it hasn’t been announced publically.

There are no front page headlines running daily stating the where abouts and who’s abouts of Charlie. If you ask me, Tiger Woods needs to get Mr. Sheen’s PR people. If you follow Sheen’s story, he’s being sublimely perpetrated as a wounded soul who unfortunately falls off the wagon every so often and well, hits his wife or injects some cocaine. I mean, I’m not justifying what Tiger Woods did as being a lesser of two evils, but why are we so consumed with Tiger’s infidelity when he doesn’t have the track record Charlie Sheen has?

I mean WTF?

Then today on, it was reported that Charlie Sheen is back to work. He is said to be “the consummate professional and is well liked by the crew”. Well, he would have to be a complete A-hole to give up that gig. Where else would he collect a paycheck and be welcomed back with open arms? I bet Domino’s Pizza hasn’t pulled their commercials from “Two and a Half Men.” Unlike MTV’s hit reality show, Jersey Shore, which seems to have everyone’s panties dripping with tomato sauce. Oh, yeah, I forgot. They showed a man punching a girl, Snookie, in this case. Perhaps if we had seen footage of Sheen hitting his wife or injecting cocaine on YouTube we might have all gotten a little bit more upset. But it was Christmas, and we were in the forgiving mood.

Now I have no quarrel with Mr. Sheen. Obviously, I’ve never met him, Tiger or Snookie. Out of the three, I’d like to have a slice of Domino’s pizza with Snookie. She seems the most authentic.
My hope is that in 2010 we don’t maintain this air of bias toward certain people while forgiving those who are just as guilty. I guess I’m still pissed over the whole Adam Lambert thing.
I suppose if anyone really cared what I thought, they might orchestrate a televised kiss between Tiger Woods and Charlie Sheen, sponsored by… Domino’s, of course.
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