Bleach Bum

Diarrhea is defined as an increase in the fluidity, frequency or volume of stool output, usually results in increased daily stool weight (>200g/day).

We’ve all experienced the discomfort and unexpectedness of diarrhea, as it comes on quickly, particularly when someone is infected with a virus, bacteria or parasite. And as if things weren’t bad enough, some infections can result in gastroenteritis, which includes nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.  Often patients remark that “it was coming out of both ends”.

In the community in which I serve, parasitic infections are common, especially Giardia lambia, which I have discussed in the past. Transmitted through fecal/oral contamination, most people acquire gastrointestinal bugs when their infected waiter forgets to wash their hands or in the case in which I am about to describe, a man who enjoys performing oral sex on his partner’s anus.

Tom found himself feeling nauseous with increased gas and then profuse diarrhea. He said he was unable to “hold down” any food and had to run to the toilet every hour or so. He denied fever, nausea or vomiting. Most infectious processes will run their course. It is important to stay hydrated because the body’s natural response is to promote the expulsion of watery feces so that the bug is released. That is why most doctors do not recommend anti-diarrheal products which only act to contain the infective agent.

Frequent bouts of diarrhea can cause irritation and ulceration of the anus from frequent passage of fluid and constant wiping with toilet paper. Tucks Pads Medicated Pads are a great product because they are infused with witch hazel, an astringent, which acts to soothe the tender surface of the anus. Tom keeps a box by the toilet. He used them after each bout of diarrhea but quickly noted that his anus was becoming even more irritated. Over the course of the day, it even felt like his anus was “on fire”. That night when he got home, he had another bout of diarrhea. This time, before he wiped with the Tucks Medicated Pads, he looked at the box, and low and behold, he realized he was wiping with Clorox sanitizing wipes, which are meant for sterilizing surfaces, not your anus.

The lesson learned here is to look before you wipe and leave the anal bleaching to the aesthetic experts.



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    HAHAH This is a GEM! Thanks for starting my weekend with a big LAFF. I spewed coffee all over the keyboard! LOL

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