Art Therapy

 Artist, Mark Ryden “Incarnation”

The Chelsea district of Manhattan has become the leading center for galleries, hosting openings on Thursday evenings. The Spring is a wonderful time to gallery hop, and I feel fortunate to live here.  My favorite artist whose work has been described as low brow surrealism is Mark Ryden. His works often includes young girls with enormous eyes. His latest collection entitled, The Gay 90’s, was recently featured at the Paul Kasmin Gallery. I had the pleasure of meeting the artist at the opening.

This past Thursday Chad and I visited several galleries.

 Artist, Sophie Jodoin “Indelible Memories”

Chad in a Chelsea Gallery hall

  Artist, Mark Ryden “Josephine”

Art has always played an important part of my life. In my 20’s, I even entered into art therapy as a way to deal with depression. I don’t paint very much anymore, but I do sketch constantly.

Excision of Squamous Cell Cancer of the chest

Recently I’ve begun to photograph patients (with their permission of course). Looking over some of the photos I’ve taken as well as some of the photos I took visiting galleries, you can definitely see where my eye wanders. I believe in the therapeutic power of art, whether it is painting, photography or even attending theater. It provokes thought and hopefully inspires you.

So treat yourself to the theater or visit a gallery.


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  1. Jen
    Posted May 21, 2010 at 11:24 pm | Permalink

    you may find this site interesting, if you’re taking up photography in the medical setting. Not all posts will be relevant, but he has some helpful ones!
    (I’m not the writer, or in anyway connected, I just follow the blog and thought of it when i read your post!)

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