Q Talk

I will be a guest on Q Talk, Saturday, August 21st, 2010 at 9:45pm at The Metropolitan Room in New York City (34 W 22nd Street between 5th and 6th) with Scott Ryan, Billboard Recording Artist, Jason Antone, and Dr. Frank Spinelli.

“Forget “The View.” Qtalk, often described as “the Gay View” is much more fun, sassy and over-the-top. At the same time, Qtalk deals with very real issues, but manages to be entertaining and engaging.

Qtalk’s live talk/variety show format is led by four hosts, theater veterans Joseph John, Frantz Hall, Stacey Todd Holt, and Angie McKnight. The hosts tackle current events, fitness and lifestyle, punctuated by guest performances from Broadway, Cabaret, and the Pop world.

During the show, the hosts invite the audience to ask questions or offer their opinions on specific topics on the table, often leading to some lively discussions and perhaps opening some minds.”

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