Margaret Choke

Friday night Chad and I went to see Margaret Cho at the Beacon Theater in Manhattan. For those of you who have never been to the Beacon, it is an amazing theater with its beautiful ornate neo-Grecian interior. Featured is a thirty-foot-tall Greek goddesses flanking the proscenium arch of its stage. There are other exquisite details throughout the theater including gilded plaster moldings, brass staircase railings and a mural aligning the corridors. However it’s never a good thing when the theater upstages the talent. Unfortunately, that was the case on Friday night when Margaret Cho took stage.

Dressed in a striped green mini-dress, she looked like she was going the mall except for her fierce purple platform shoes. Immediately she updated the audience about being voted off Dancing with the Stars, (a show I hardly watch), but after a while, I felt this sudden sense of deja vu. Most of her material hasn’t changed much since the last time I saw her. There was the reference to her cancelled television show, American Girl, which invariably leads into another story about how she was told she was ugly as a child and how she has learned that beauty comes form within. Thankfully her mother makes an appearance but this time Ms. Cho took it one step further pairing her up with her opening act, John Roberts, in a skit that fell flat where Ms. Cho’s mother does a variation of Bronx Talk with Mr. Roberts playing a Linda Richmond type character. Both appeared uncomfortable because the skit went nowhere. But then the single Ms. Cho (I thought she said she got married last year) went into a lengthy conversation about poop, calling herself Lady Ca Ca (I mean that’s the kind of comedy my little nephew could come up with) and how she likes anal sex over vaginal intercourse. She even referred herself as bisexual with tendencies toward the transgender. I didn’t mind her semi-new material, but I felt like I was watching a dress rehearsal or worse, I thought I was in a small P-Town theater listening to her as she worked on new material. Things only went down hill as the music cues got screwed up and then finally later, Ms. Cho forgot the words to her own encore and she had to stop and look up the lyrics in her book.

I’m all for supporting the arts, particularly those artists who support gay rights. But Margaret, what happened?  Your shows always have me rolling in the aisles. Instead this time I was watching my clock waiting for your show to end. I understand you were on Dancing with the Stars, and maybe you didn’t have time to prepare but then don’t charge me for 75 dollars for  ticket I should have been given for free just so that you can work on your new material. I definitely don’t want to hear how you like anal sex and or take a dump that looks Indonesia. You said it yourself, “You turned forty.” Well then that explains it. You’re going through a mid-life crisis. Maybe that’s why you wrote a song about Head Lice and sang it like Natalie Merchant from Ten Thousand Maniacs. Listen to this doctor and take a break from performing until you come up with some new material. And don’t have a baby just so you can talk more about poopy diapers.

Poor Margaret, I love you but this performance, not so much.


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    I never thought she was all that funny except when she talks about her mother.

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