Check out the first of two webisodes on sleep featured on’s Ask the Doctor.

I was pretty excited about this two part series because I got to work with a green screen. Although you’re never really sure what it’s going to look like until it’s done, I think they did a good job in the end. My producer, Josh Rosenzweig, and the editor, Athena, came up with the concept. Let me know what you think.



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    Doctor, I love it! It’s wonderful. You remember I asked you upon first meeting you if you were an actor. It is because you are so animated. I love watching you articulate. You speak quite clearly.

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    Actually, I do have feedback which I will not include here but if I ever see you in person, be sure to ask.

    One thing, more to do with the script… I don’t know who wrote the text… I know Americans are stupid as a nation, but I was a little insulted at The Advocate, or at the line that assumed I did not care what was going on psychologically or neurologically regarding sleep. This is an aside,I know it wasn’t the point of the article nor the focus of the commercial publication, but the wording, although sad but true for our society, did feel like kind of a “jab” at “Joe public”…

  3. spinellimd
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    Thanks Phillip.
    We only had three minutes so we wanted to focus on the tips. The accompanying editorial pieces delve further into the science.
    Check them out.


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