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Saturday, March 26th 2011, 4:00 AM

Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan praised Frank Spinelli for his role.

M. Roberts for News

Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan praised Frank Spinelli for his role.

A Staten Island doctor played an instrumental role in busting a former hero NYPD cop accused of molesting three boys, law enforcement officials said Friday.

Frank Spinelli, 43, alerted Staten Island police about William Fox, 65, in 2008 after reading the retired officer’s memoir and recognizing him as the man who molested him as a boy.

The tipoff eventually led to the ex-cop’s arrest in Pennsylvania on Monday.

Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan praised the physician for his role.

“I am grateful to Mr. Spinelli for coming forward, because if he hadn’t, that arrest likely would have never happened,” he said.

Spinelli told authorities Fox molested him when he was a Boy Scout in the late 1970s.

“It was sociopathic to advertise his sickness in a book,” Spinelli told the Daily News.

He worked with authorities by making taped phone calls to the retired officer.

While the recordings didn’t lead to an arrest, the NYPD contacted law enforcement in Pennsylvania, where Fox was living. A probe led to arrests on more current charges.

Spinelli said he wasn’t seeking any credit by getting involved.

“I couldn’t believe that what was happening was still happening 30 years later,” he said.

Fox gained national attention in 1981 for talking down a 17- year-old runaway threatening to jump out of a Bowery building. He later adopted the teen, Michael Buchanan, and penned “The Cop and the Kid.”

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  1. phillip
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    My HERO! Sigh, 🙂

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    Incredible story! Kudos to you Dr. Spinelli! Loved your book and am a fan!

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