NY 1 Interview

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Thank you to Mara Montalbano for allowing me to tell my story last night on NY1. Currently, my former molester is currently in jail. A hearing is set for early April. I will keep you posted on any further developments.


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    Dr. Spinelli,

    I am a listener of the Morning Jolt and I heard you talking about your search for a publisher. Large New York houses may or may not be willing to take a risk on your book, as the publishing world is in a great deal of flux. However, I can recommend two small presses that might be willing to pick it up.

    Kerlak Enterprises http://www.kerlak.com/
    published Allen Gilbreath’s book on HIPPA laws. It has been a best seller and remains a steady seller.
    Kerlak is run by fine and honest people.

    Jupiter Gardens Press is primarily an alternative and inspirational press. Your story might speak to the inspirational side.
    The editor is dead honest and the books come out when they say they will.

    Best of luck.

  2. spinellimd
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    @Angelia, Thank you. I’ll forward the information to my agent.

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    Good luck with this. Making something positive from something negative must be quite healing. Can’t wait to read it.

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    I shouldn’t over analyze things but I hope my comment didn’t sound awkward.
    It’s a terrible story, “I can’t wait to read it” was idiomatic, I would be very interested in reading it, but I am very sorry it happened. I am very skilled at making awkward statements when I am the one speaking :/

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