Positive Youth

Positive Youth is a one hour television documentary which follows four HIV+ positive youths in four different North American cities. Growing up in the 1980s and 90s we were hammered with terrifying statistics of HIV/AIDS. Thirty years in, we are still learning. What education do the youth receive now and why is the youth infection rate still the highest? We have seen retrospective documentaries on the AIDS crisis and interviews with survivors but what about the positive youth of today? We aim to feature accessible and inspirational individuals and the often-rocky road that they’ve traveled to get here. Each of the four subjects have been selected to create a dynamic perspective on the reality of living positive today. Medical and psychological experts will also weigh in to provide up-to-date facts and a historical context to the reality of living positively. In life we are inherently afraid of the unknown: of death. Our film will show this in action by exploring the social stigma these young people must rise above each day. The main conflict will lie with our audience. We intend to have our subjects, and our audience answer difficult questions about their own level of discrimination when it comes to HIV/AIDS. Ultimately we want the audience to feel educated with a new sense of empathy and understanding for positive people. Vancouver, Toronto, Phoenix, New York, Victoria – straight 18-year-old impoverished First Nations woman, gay 25-year-old white urbanite, 23-year-old wealthy jet-setter, straight black 22-year-old young man positive by birth. HIV does not discriminate. For the first time, young positive people open their homes and hearts to us – offering a no holds barred access into their lives.


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