Phoenix-Based Entertainer & Activist Victim of Hate Crime

Austin Head, a Phoenix-based entertainer, activist and star of LogoTV’s Positive Youth documentary, was assaulted early Friday morning by two assailants who targeted him and a friend as they were headed home and walking down Central Avenue in downtown Phoenix.

Following an evening out at the popular LGBT nightspot Charlie’s, Austin and his friend were attacked by two men, ages 24 and 21 respectively. As the men approached Austin and his friend, they yelled homophobic slurs and attacked them physically.

Knocked unconscious, Austin woke up later Friday morning with multiple head injuries, including a Maxillary Sinus Fracture, Lateral Orbit Fracture, eyebrow laceration and severe swelling on the left side of his face.

The two suspects were immediately tracked down by the Phoenix Police Department, identified by a witness, arrested and jailed.   It is not known if the two assailants were still in police custody.

Dr. Stuart Sperry of St. Joseph’s Hospital, who took charge of Head’s recovery, warned that further plastic surgery may be needed to restore the fractures caused by this assault.

I met Austin for the first time several years ago through a mutual friend, Michael Lyon. Austin and I were both featured in the documentary, Positive Youth where he openly discussed his HIV status as well as his struggle to maintain his health due to the high price of healthcare.

I wish him a speedy recovery.

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