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Check out my good friend, Deb Fong’s new blog. A must for anyone thinking about a trip to China.

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Thoroughly enjoying 'Corn n' bacon' (corn fritters and smoked back bacon with corn and quinoa ragout) at Madame Sixty Ate

Welcome to Hong Kong Fong! My name is Deb Fong. I am American by birth, Chinese by heritage (my grandparents were born and raised in Guangdong, China, before heading to America), and now a Hong Kong-based expat recently relocated from NYC.

Funny where life takes you – I never expected to actually live here, although I have always treasured trips throughout Asia more than anywhere else in the world. Here with my husband Mark now, I am incredibly excited to discover the big city draws and the hidden little gems, the old and the new, the local nuances and the more western influences, the traditional and the edgy – and to meet and learn from the true locals and my fellow expats. I plan to immerse myself in everything – the amalgam of cuisine, culture, the incredible natural surroundings, the promise of new friends with their own unique stories.


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    Thanks so much for the callout, Frank! Hope you’re doing well, and I’ll be following you now, too! ;)


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